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Accounting is the most important task in any organization or business. For the inputs of credit and debit as well as knowing what is the monthly spending, planning the employee payroll, etc, Tally has proved to be the most user-friendly ERP Software in the field of accounting.For learning Tally, the most suitable background is B.Com. and rest depends upon the practice. Indian Financial Academy provides the Tally Training, which provides you ease in working and delivering your best in terms of Account books, which helps in maintaining the books digitally with minimum chances of error. With the industrialization and advancements in technology, various traditional methods of business and maintaining records have also changed. This is one of the reasons why most of the organizations also planned to introduce technological advancements. Firstly, it tends to reduce the human error of calculation Secondly, it reduces human efforts and Thirdly, it becomes very easy to keep the records which was a cumbersome task for multiple transactions.


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